Why DYNO Bars?

DYNO Bars are the best caffeine source out of all food/beverage products on the market today.

Yes, that includes your coffee, tea, energy drink, that weird preworkout supplement you bought from that sketchy bodybuilding site based in Germany that probably sold Adderall too if you knew German, everything.


DYNO Bars contain a 1:2 ration of caffeine and L-Theanine, which is scientifically proven to increase alertness and focus. The L-Theanine also removes much of the jitters and crash of a typical caffeine drink.

DYNO Bars are made with clean, simple ingredients.

Dates. Pea protein. Nuts and nut butters. Natural flavors. Salt.

These ingredients are consistent across all DYNO Bars. The ingredients unique to each flavor are also simple - cacao, maple syrup, etc.

DYNO Bars are fully plant-based.

Yes! We're vegan-friendly. At some point, if I get to sell hundreds of thousands of bars, I will calculate how much lower my carbon footprint is using pea protein rather than whey. It's just the right thing to do. Also, whey messes up my stomach.

DYNO Bars are gluten-free.

I like bread. I like selling bars to people who can't eat bread.

DYNO Bars are high in protein.

This is the game-changer: why not start your day off with a caffeine source that's filling? One of the reasons coffee feels weird is it often accompanies an empty stomach - going straight to your veins and like that Requiem for a Dream scene. DYNO Bars will not just keep you alert - they will keep you full for a long time. They're the perfect snack to grab and go. By the time your commute is over, you won't be hungry and you'll be fired up to take on the day as if you actually liked your job.

DYNO Bars are good.

You can't say that for every protein bar.

These bars are good.

You'll actually enjoy eating them.