Hi, I'm Jeremy.

Jeremy picture

I'm the founder of DYNO Bars. It's been a crazy journey so far. Here's my story.

A bad workout

I had come up with the idea of a caffeine protein bar in early 2018 while resting between sets at the climbing gym. I had just blown $6 on a name-brand protein bar and an energy drink. Between the two, I had just consumed 40 grams of added sugar. Why even work out if I'm spending all of this money and eating all of this unhealthy crap to prepare?

A mad science experiment

My first DYNO Bar was an ugly oat-and-caffeine cookie baked in my apartment oven in April 2018. 

My first DYNO Bar

(This is an actual picture of the cookie.)

I ate it before a workout and instantly realized I was on to something. Now, I just had to make it tasty. And shelf stable. And healthy.

I bought a food processor for $50, and earmuffs shortly after. I went to the grocery store and bought what I thought would be good. The dates and nuts were a good call. The hemp protein was not. 

The trial and error continued. Coconut oil? Chia seeds? Acai? No, no, and no. Maybe try hemp again? HELL NO.

Slowly but surely, the selection of ingredients narrowed down. I learned about what makes a food product shelf stable, what ingredients are the best at binding everything together, and what is the right amount of caffeine to give my days a boost.

I enlisted friends, family, roommates, co-workers, everyone I could find, to be my guinea pigs. Slowly, their feedback went from polite (seriously, those hemp bars tasted like chalk) to enthusiastic.

Making this thing real

I entered a commercial kitchen in March 2019, armed with enthusiasm, government paperwork, and newfound expertise in bar making.

There, the fledgling new business has blossomed from a harebrained idea into an industry-leading product.

I can't wait to see what the future holds, and hope you can join me.