Your pre-workout drink tastes like synthetic chemicals because it is made out of synthetic chemicals.

Mmmmmm....synthetic chemicals....

You exercise to get healthier, but when it comes time to energize yourself before a workout, your options often narrow to a sugary energy drink, bars made with low-quality whey protein (and more sugar), or the synthetic pre-workout.

Enter the DYNO Bar.

DYNO Bars have 100% clean, all-natural ingredients, good macros, no-bloat pea protein, and the right amount of caffeine and L-theanine.

If you are looking to set a new personal record in the gym, the caffeine will help you match the intensity of your challenge.

If you are looking to train and hone your craft, the L-theanine will help you channel all of your excess energy into focused attention.

If you are just looking to walk around the block, the ingredients in DYNO Bars will lead you to wave at your neighbors more vigorously than ever.



DYNO Bars have just seven all-natural ingredients. No mystery compounds, preservatives, or names you can't pronounce.

Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, raw, good.

Eat clean.

DYNO Bars are made with real food.


This is where it gets interesting.

I started DYNO Bars because I was hungry before workouts, but also needed a caffeine boost for that little bit of added intensity. It turns out that science agrees.

Eat a caffeine bar before your workout to have a healthy snack, as workouts on an empty stomach are miserable. However, by adding caffeine, you go beyond "misery prevention mode" to breaking through your plateaus and feeling fired up. Research has shown that caffeine increases performance for both short-burst exercises and longer cardio workouts.

Once you finish your workout, change out of your gym clothes, and plop yourself in front of the TV, your caffeine protein bar continues to work for you behind the scenes. Runners who added caffeine to their post-workout recovery had increased running capacity in a subsequent workout, outperforming those who had consumed carbohydrates or water alone.

Life's biggest breakthroughs are better when you feel up to the task.