Break up with your coffee.

Coming soon: Caffeinated protein bars.

Eat a DYNO Bar to unlock sustained, focused energy.


Unf*ck your brain.

How do DYNO Bars unlock your peak performance?

1. Caffeine + theanine.

As much caffeine as a double espresso shot. Twice as much L-Theanine, which is an amino acid that aids in relaxation and mood control. Scientific studies show that the combination of caffeine and theanine boosts energy (well duh, it's caffeine) but also improves focus and cognitive function.

2. A smoother ride

One night, you have two glasses of wine over a three-course meal.

Another night, you crush four straight tequila shots on an empty stomach.

Same amount of alcohol, but which night ended with you texting your ex and falling asleep naked in a bathtub?

If your caffeine comes in the form of empty calories or no calories, you're choosing the tequila every single day.

When you eat a DYNO Bar, you're digesting a solid, not a liquid. You're having the nice meal over wine instead of the tequila shots.

Your caffeine buzz will last longer and you will not notice a crash.

3. Real food

Caffeine products today typically give you two choices: empty calories or no calories?

DYNO Bars have 12g protein, only 2g added sugar, and no strange ingredients. Replace a sugary energy drink or a specialty coffee drink with a DYNO Bar and you will stay full longer.


It was good.

Christian S., Boulder, Colorado

Just looked at your website from your insta! Just so you know the second testimonial on the homepage says "add customer review"

Kelsey G., Boulder, Colorado

Dude...these bars are fucking LIFE, bro.

Doug V., my roommate


The lightbulb moment

I first came up with DYNO Bars in between sets at the gym. Feeling tired, I had downed a large tea and a brand name protein bar before starting my workout. Down $6 and having consumed 40g of added sugar, I thought there must be a better way to fuel my workouts.


Humble beginnings

Motivated by the lack of clean, healthy protein bars with caffeine, I began experimenting in my own kitchen with a $50 food processor and whatever ingredients I could find at a grocery store.


Clean energy

DYNO Bars contain only the cleanest real food ingredients - no preservatives, additives, or ingredients you can't pronounce. Despite having as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, DYNO Bars have none of the jitters or crash thanks to L-Theanine, a compound found in green tea that is scientifically proven to increase feelings of relaxation and focus.